Your new best friend: Living Proof dry shampoo (Review)

Pretty much says it in the title really…^

I’ve been trying out the new ‘Healthy hair dry shampoo’ by Living Proof and I just can’t do anything but rave about it!

Now every girl knows dry shampoo can be a life savour from time to time. BUT every gym girl will probably admit to using even more so 😉 We don’t work our arses off in the gym for nothing! There is no getting around that post workout sweatiness and I don’t know about you but I can’t be washing my hair every single day…! (Or twice a day when morning cardio is involved!)

Okay so what makes this product so fab is the fact it actually *CLEANS* your hair! No masking the problem, it fixes the problem.

So not only does it mean you can get on with your day with pretty hair 🙂 , it also makes it feel so fresh again.

Just spray it on the areas you need, wait around a minute and then just give your hair a good shake out (or brush through) and its sorted 🙂

There is no white residue or powdery build up because the shampoo absorbs and removes oil, sweat and odor, and then you shake it out. It also smells lovely and leaves you hair actuals fresh again.

The only thing I would mention is you need to blow dry any damp areas to begin with, and also as per normal dry shampoos, you will need a ventilated room but no change there from the norm!

I’ve got the small can because it’s easier to chuck in my gym bag, but it also comes in the larger 198ML size. At the moment its only available here, but in September it will be available from John Lewis or M & S.

You can thank me later ladies 🙂





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