When nothing goes right… Go left.

One thing I’ve learnt over the past few years is that life is very rarely on your side. But one thing you have to teach yourself: Are you going to let that stop you?

When I was 21 I brought my first flat. I had been saving for years and put everything I had into getting my own place. A month after moving in I get a redundancy letter…. I am like, seriously is this actually happening. My role was combined with a more senior role and guess what. I was not letting that stop me, I got the job.

Its always the way when you start working towards a new goal –> Shit always happens. There are always going to be obstacles you have to face head on before you succeed.

Now taking a battering from time to time is something we all have to push through, but what happens when you get one after the other after the other? Sometimes its wise to take just a little step back.

Its all about mindset: When nothing goes right….Go left.

It may just be that you need to temporarily take a little step in another direction, and change your way of thinking. Even just for a week or few days, it really can do the world of good. Carrying on trying to fight against a million things and causing yourself huge amounts of stress is only going to make your situation worse.

Think of it this way…. There is no surprise when you jump over hurdle after hurdle your body becomes tired and its not going to function properly. It will only cause more hurdles to appear in your path?

Taking a different approach for a while is a sensible situation and clears your head of unneeded stress. And you know what … that goal is yours and yours only and it will still be waiting for you afterwards to go and smash it in the face!

The moral of my story:

Take some time out –> You will only come back stronger 😉

Love E


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