My top tips for getting your workout motivation back.

Okay CHRISTMAS I’ve had enough of all your temptation! We’ve all thoroughly enjoyed a relaxed, chocolate filled end of the year, but we’re now ready to feel GOOD about ourselves. 

After enjoying the down time and good food of the holiday period, it’s quite easy to get carried away with ‘the good life’ and M O T I V A T I O N to workout can lag. The reality is we still have a stack of goodies sitting at home which will not do any good for our waistlines. So GO GET YOUR SWEAT ON! Here’s what you gotta do!

1 – Just put your gym gear on.

Trust me, this works wonders! Who even ever feels like working out in work clothes, comfies or jeans anyway? Snug, moveable and breathable gym wear already makes you feel more motivated and ready to workout before you’ve even got to the gym. Gym gear is all the fashion now so this also massively helps. Look good, feel good. I am a self-confessed ‘gym-sheek’ and I LOVE and LIVE in gym clothes. You will catch me in Nike over Topshop any day ?

2 – Only 20 Minutes.

Tell yourself ‘Only 20 minutes’. Something is better than nothing right? I guarantee by the end of those 20 minutes, you’ll have the blood pumping and want to carry on for a short while longer.
Gym sessions don’t have to be long and tedious, keep them quick and snappy with short rest periods. 45 minutes is plenty!

3 – Turn up the tunes (gym playlist)

Having a wicked playlist on your music device really helps make workouts more enjoyable. Listening to some great beats gets your adrenaline going and can help you push through the sets. Unless I am training with someone, I ALWAYS have my earphones in and tunes on. I find instead of all the noise of the gym, I am focused and in my own little bubble, enjoying ‘me’ time. TIP – Listen to FIGHT SONG !

4 – #Fitspo (Get some inspiration)

Follow a load of people who really inspire you, whether that is those with great motivational posts, relatable posts, or even just those who have your goal body/ lifestyle. Flicking through your social media and seeing all the #FitFam out there gets the fire burning in your belly to achieve your goals. Everyone’s inspirations are different.

5 –Tell the world

This one is a bit of a joke, but it’s not actually a joke….Make it official – Facebook it, Instagram, Tweet, Snap it. For one it makes your mid up that you ARE about to head to the gym, and two, the whole world now knows so you have no choice ?

6 – Yes Vs No scenarios

Okay, so I use this one quite a lot if I ever feel un-motivated or too tired to get my bum to the gym. We all know that ‘feel good’ feeling after a great sweaty workout. A sense of empowerment and generally we feel de-stressed and proud of ourselves. Not forgetting that PUMP ?

So think about that feeling. Also think about how you will feel if you don’t go. If this will be a sense of grumpiness or guilt – THEN GO. If it genuinely is that you could do with a rest and re-cooperate – then DON’T GO. This could mean the result of having some epic sessions the rest of the week.

 7 – Mix up your training. Try something new.

One of the best ways to stop your workouts feeling like a chore is to try new things! FIND WHAT YOU ENJOY
Try out ALL the classes – Use a PT to show you different ways of training – Try out Aqua aerobics – Try out Crossfit gyms (Totally different to normal gyms and no one stands around watching each other)  Don’t force yourself to do things you don’t like because eventually you will want to stop.

I’ve been hitting up some CrossfFit Colchester to totally change up my training – and I’m loving it! I’m learning new techniques, finding a more social scene to workout with and of course challenging my body in a totally different way. Go to free trials and see what you think.


The most important thing is to always remember your end goal. It’s personal to YOU. Picture yourself where you want to end up. Whether you want to tone up, change your shape, make your heart stronger, reduce your blood sugar levels, drop a dress size, perk up your bum, look hot in a bikini, socialise, adopt a fit and healthy lifestyle, or even that you just love being fit and active. It’s your choice – and it’s YOUR JOURNEY.  Do it for yourself!

Much love, E

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  1. I believe you have noted some very interesting points , appreciate it for the post.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I lost my motivation a year ago, now I am trying to pick it up. I am starting to go to the gym now.
    I am not sure how I often should I go though.

  3. Literally you have shared an amazing article about the workout motivation and it is very enjoyable article.

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