The Girl in the Mirror – Body Dimorphism


Find me a person who considers themselves perfect in every way.
Actually second thoughts… don’t because I probably wouldn’t like them.

Everyone has something they dislike about their body. I’ve always had broad shoulders to the point where I used to think I was manly. I’ve never had a chest, and I have a pea head. And I had mini tennis ball biceps since I was about 8 … THAT went down well at school…. Or not.

The point is, it’s completely fine to have a few hang ups about your body. The problems arise where self-doubt and negativity take over.

When all you focus on is your ‘imperfections’, naturally you will feel shit about yourself because you’re only seeing 1% of the completely unique, beautiful, strong women staring back.

Having a few hang ups about yourself doesn’t make you unattractive and that is the way you will end up feeling if all you do is fixate on the ‘non-perfect’ parts of your body. Self-doubt and negative thoughts will only make the reflection misted and cause you to start hating them even more. Eventually this can spiral out of control and the mirror becomes completely distorted.

So what I don’t stroll around the beach in a sleeveless dresses because having big arms and a flat chest makes me feel super un-shapely. But get me a pair of shorts and a pretty top and I’ll be cartwheeling down that beach with confidence level 100. Does it mean my broadness, flat chested, peahead self is completely unattractive… NO!             I just WORK WITH IT.

WORK WITH IT | Yes improvement is always going to be an option, you can always strive to become a better YOU. A YOU which fits in with all your wonderful, individual genetics.

The point is, you can’t change genetics…. You can only become a S U P E R W O M A N  version of yourself. So if you’re looking in that mirror every day at things that can’t be changed… Do yourself a favour and start to LOVE yourself for who you are.

Because life is way too short.

Much Love


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