Straight into off season – What I eat in a day (with macros)

What food CAN I eat and still hit my DAILY macros???

The main thing people come to me asking for help with is FOOD advice.

We all know how to eat healthily…. and we all know that sometimes its very easy to slip up …
But sometimes eating the norm ‘healthy foods’ is not actually fuelling your body in the best way if you like to workout.

And this is where the importance of measuring macros comes into play if you are serious about your fitness.

Macros are very individual and will depend on measurements and lifestyle factors, plus different people respond better to different sets of macros…
The tricky part is finding what works for you.

I can offer my advice and guidance based on individuals and their goals. But I also work WITH my clients to swap things around a little, to make eating for fitness suited to them. With enough flexibility not to have big mishaps, but still making sure we get the results. This is how I explain the term flexible dieting.

So anyway…..I get asked all the time about my MACROS. I am more than happy to share but as I said everyone macros are different! So heading into off season where I like to be extra flexible I have done my next VLOG : What I eat in a day….to show you all how I use flexible dieting that still fits my fitness goals  (Currently sticking with a maintenance level diet)


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