Staying lean – My way


So guys I’ve decided to write a blog post on this topic, because its something I get asked all the time!

How do you stay so lean?

Firstly I just need to clarify, I don’t stay super lean all year round… Its not actually healthy to do so especially being female. 

But… I do admit I like to stay in a good shape and in general I do prefer to stay on the leaner side of things.

So here’s my advice on how I manage to achieve this:

  • No extreme dieting. Consistency is the key.  Trust me, you will never catch me surviving on fish and ricecakes (Have you seen the video :D) or turkey and broccoli. I follow a consistent macro set of carbs protein and fats which either puts me in a maintenance or small deficit kcal intake. 
  • Never eliminate foods for more than two weeks –> Okay so the last two weeks before a comp I will cut out my protein bars etc to try shred the last bit of bodyfat. But there is absolutely no need to eliminate whey protein, dairy, gluten, sweetner or anything else people think they have to cut. Again, it only has worse side effects on your body when you stop dieting. I don’t eliminate these and therefore when I stop my kcal deficit diet my body doesn’t react badly to them. 
  • I LOVE my training… If you enjoy what you do you always give it 100%. Just because I’ve finished a show or reached a goal, doesn’t mean I stop or cut down to 2-3 times per week. I’m still in the gym or gymnastics hall doing what I love.
  • Change up your training …I constantly vary my rep ranges.. Okay so I guess this delves a bit into training techniques, but in general I mean I don’t just stop high volume or superset training.
  • Don’t just stop the cardio. I know this one sounds mehh, but I don’t mean the standard cardio. My gymnastics for me is a massive load of hit training. But what I mean is go out and be functional, work up a sweat and try out different things
  • Don’t turn your diet upside down. Yes you deserve to enjoy food after a comp, but what I mean is , you can have everything you want, you just have it as and when. Not everything under the sun within one month. Because this will mess you up. Don’t be super strict, just make healthier versions of your favourite meals.
  • Treats in moderation – Easy peasy… Don’t eat donuts every day… But if you are sticking to a healthy lifestyle diet then have them when you bloody want…BUT not every day okay! 


There are some reasons though guys why I can stay the way I am which does not mean it will be the same for everybody:

  • My genetics –> Its just my body type! My and my sisters are all petite, so when my mum always said I get my body from her…technically there was some truth in that 🙂 <3
  • My metabolism –> I did hours and hours of gymnastics per week throughout my childhood and adolescence. So I am very thankful to have a fast metabolism
  • The pack –> I had an 8 pack as a 15 year old girl… So that’s probably the reason why I still have abs all year round even when my bodyfat rises.  

Like I say all the time…. Consistency and moderation are the two most important facts in achieving your goal figure, but being able to LIVE at the same time 🙂 

Much Love,



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