Set backs…You are only human!

S E T B A C K S 🙁 We’ve all had them. And the most important thing to remember is that we all battle through them one way or the other.

Whether we need to take time out, rest up, change our way of thinking, or even just tweeking our training, REMEMBER –> Its a Process.
Do not be demotivated by them.

After all, you are only human, and as we all know, Life is a bitch.

Take a break: Rest and recovery is always what the doctor orders. But, as I’m sure with most of us gym chicks, I literally hate it when I have to rest for more than 1-2 days. The problem I have learnt is, if we don’t take a long enough break, the setback is probably only going to come back and hit me on the head twice as hard. Injuries worsen, being run down leads to being even more run down….the story continues…

Focus on your end goal: The phrase ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ comes to mind. So you may be facing a set back which has now hindered your progress to your goal. BUT you still have that end goal, and you will still achieve that goal, you just have to go round a few roundabouts on the way.

When there’s a will there’s a way: There is almost always something you can do to help the effect of your setback. EAT a clean healthy diet, go see an osteopath (Can’t recommend them enough!) If you can’t get to the gym, workout from home. Read up on mindfulness, know that this is a temporary measure, and let it increase your focus on recovery and motivation for going forward.

LISTEN to your body: MIND over MATTER is how we push ourselves in the gym. Now’s the time to flip that on its head and listen to your body! If you can modify your training temporarily and ease through your set back, then do so. But if your body tells you otherwise…you’ve only got the one!

And the most important one

Be a proton: Always be positive 🙂


E xx


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