Season 2016: In my words


This season….A Dream come TRUE!

Well quite honestly I don’t even know where to start…! This season has been the most incredible, unbelievable, fantastically amazing experience eveeeeer!!
I have achieved things I thought once weren’t possible…. and well as cheesy as it sounds, I’m so damn proud of myself 🙂

This year I’ve been riding solo. I have prepped myself and worked super hard with a fantastic choreographer in bringing together a brand new fitness performance.

Even though I know what I’m doing, it was pretty daunting having a be accountable to myself. Making sure I was keeping on track when its easy for your mind to play tricks on you. BUT I went with my instincts and trusted the process…Which clearly paid off! (And my best friends were always there for me for a sanity check)
I consistently followed an IIFYM based flexible diet (minus one or two pre comp weeks) and enjoyed keeping as much ‘life balance’ as I could!

The main thing for me this season was to UP MY GAME in my fitness round. I’ve always had the moves buuuuut I needed THAT connection between the movement, the music and the story it tells. Its the months and months of hard work taking into consideration every little detail which nobody knows about.. And out of it came SPIDEY. A routine which is 100% me, and one I am always super excited to perform.


For me to be able to say …I am ARNOLD fitness champion…! WOW…It is something I still get emotional about now.

I DID IT!!!! 

To have a run of 3 golds Arnold – British – Diamond cup …. Well being on cloud 9 doesn’t cut it …Try cloud 99!!!!!!! Then to finish at World Championships and retain my third place work ranking was a fantastic way to me to finish off this season.

Its certainly been a crazy year, one to which I proved to myself and everybody what I am capable of, and one I have made incredible memories with the people who mean the most. <3

For now, I am going to be enjoying my training, focusing more back into my gymnastics and obviously the party season! 2017…. Its going to be a new challenge 😉

Ohhh yeah and of course….. Preparing for my IFBB PRO DEBUT!!! 😉




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