Rule Yourself

So I’ve been asked a lot of questions recently about how I manage to stay in shape even when I’m not competing…

Well my answer would be because I Rule Myself.

Its all about listening to my body and enjoying a lifestyle that fits around me and my happiness. For me, just because I’m not preparing for a show, it doesn’t mean I stop caring about training, how I look or how I feel. Because this is my body, and its with me forever. Yes of course I enjoy good food, days out without prepped meals and nights out from time to time, but from day to day, I massively feel the benefits from a balanced diet, and I just love training!

Eating habits –> Its not until you start eating a macro balanced diet, that you realise actually how shit you feel when you don’t eat well for more than a couple of days. I’m talking energy levels, body function, and even brain function.
On a day to day basis, In general  I still prep macro balanced meals when I’m off to work. Don’t get me wrong they are not plain chicken and broccoli. More a balance of carbs, veg and protein but all spiced up with flavours, or sauces.  And the same when I am at home. I literally just make healthier versions of favourite meals. As long as I enjoy what I’m eating at that point I don’t care if its healthy or unhealthy. So of course I’m going to make a healthier option. Why…. Well because I looooooove treats! I have a massive sweet tooth, I would much rather eat good food to keep my brain and body up to scratch, and enjoy a massive cookie or brownie.
I know some people will not agree with my approach, but well this is my way….and clearly it works for me. After all ruling yourself is different for every person.

I LOVE training –> I don’t really need to elaborate on this one 🙂 I have kick ass training sessions, I try different techniques and I love getting my sweat on.

Rest and Recovery –> When my body is tired, I don’t train! (Simple) So what if I have extra rest days a few times per month. As much as it feels frustrating, I know its actually doing my body a whole load of good. I’ve definitely abused not taking enough rest in the past, but we all learn from our mistakes and now rest is a big factor I consider. Also I use a foam roller to help DOMS whenever I need to. (Definitely recommend getting one for home)

Tender Loving Care –> I put my body through large amounts of stress when I’m training, and especially my functional training where my whole body takes a battering. So I regularly give it some TLC at my completely awesome Osteopaths (The Point Clinic) I literally cannot recommend osteopaths enough. Regular visits stop all my niggles from turning nasty, and every few weeks I also have sports massage to release tightness. I am very lucky to have such an amazing team 🙂

Stretching –> Even I hate this part I’m not going to lie…! BUT again its just another thing I make sure I keep on top of. Besides the fact that I do particularly need to be flexible, I feel it helps my joints, and also helps reduce tension.

Aminos –> I hate taking capsules when I don’t have to so I just use my Bulk Powders BCAA amino drink literally whenever I train. I work hard to build my muscle and there is no way I’m loosing it….!

So …..That’s how I do it ^^   I like to live life in the fast lane so to enable myself to do that there is still a lot of hard work behind the scenes.
Contest prep is much more of a strict routine, whereas this is my lifestyle which involves nice cakes and kick ass workouts.

Much Love,

If you would like advice/help with nutrition or training (or coaching), please contact me via my coaching page 🙂 


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