My top 5 Essential Supplements

Supplementation doesn’t have to be confusing…

Although there are sooooo many supplements now available, its very easy to feel like you don’t know where you should start right?

Well… To put it simply…..Supplementation is basically a ‘top up’ for those macro and micro nutrients that you are not receiving enough of through your diet.

This is why it can get so confusing. Because there are so many ! So let me run you through my top 5 basic essentials:

1.  BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids)bcaas
These are always my number 1 recommended supplementation to anyone who works out. Protein is made up of amino acids, and BCAAs are the essential amino acids that your body can’t produce. Yes we eat these through a healthy diet, but by sipping on BCAAs throughout your workout just ensures you never start eating into your muscle, and helps with recovery! #NoBrainer
I am currently using:  Instant BCAA (Cola flavor!) You can also get tablet form but I prefer to drink them!


2. Multivitamin
This one is pretty obvious to most people really….We all know it is good to take vitamins, but do you know the benefit?
Vitamins help to build healthy bones and teeth, and they also play an important role in metabolism to breakdown carbs and fats for energy (and fat burn!) So it totally makes sense to be able to supplement multiple vitamins in one go 🙂 I currently use: Complete Multivitamin Complex Powder (a small 50ml shot) every morning to go.


3. Fatty acids (Omega 3s)img_3264
Health fats are soooooo important guys! They play a major role in cell function which again all improves the ability of your body to metabolise nutrients and recover 🙂 I want my body working as efficiently as possible so these are top of my list. They are also super important for hormone storage and modification.  I currently use: Omega 3 Fish Oil Softgels


4. ZMAs
If you want better muscle recovery, more strength, and better sleep then you should take ZMAs. They are made up to Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B which all help to enhance muscle recovery. The magnesium also helps in getting better quality sleep, which is alwaaaaays good if not just for better muscle recovery. I take these in the evening just before bed: ZMA capsules


Probably the most ‘known of’ supplementation especially among the bodybuilding community. But protein shakes are not just for bodybuilders… Consuming a diet high in protein (compared to the governments advised 15% —- way to low!) is going to be a much easier way to stay in shape or even loose body fat. Personally I do find it hard to consume all the protein I want through diet alone so I always use my whey/casein products as a top up, to get in enough protein to help my body recover through all the vigorous training I do.  #Winning! These are a few ways I get extra protein in my diet: Complete protein blend and Protein dessert


Hopefully this has helped you out guys 🙂

Until next time…

E x


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