My Super Amazingly Tasty Protein Pancakes


These pancakes are not only super simple to make and have super clean macros, they also taste so damn good!

Now in the past I attempted loads of different recipes for protein pancakes (there are so many out there!) but to be honest none of them actually tasted anywhere near nice. Even with the sugar free syrup, most of them tasted like eating rubber.

Until I mastered it…!!

My recipe is soooo easy! Its practically oats and whey, with eggs. It doesn’t sound that amazing…. But just you try it! The pancakes are filling and gooey, just tastes soooo good!

The trick is to get a nice thick mixture, and keep the pancakes quite small, but thick in the pan. Flip them as soon as you can so not to get too brown, and then the same on the other side. The result….So much gooeyness 🙂

Recipe as follows: (Make 4)

  • Two eggs (One yolk)
  • Two scoops Protein powder (I use Grenade Hydra 6 Vanilla)
  • 80g Oats
  • 50-100ml water (Depending on consistency wanted)

Blend everything and cook on a non stick saucepan. You only need a small amount of water. I blend and then add more water if necessary. I also use a heat level of 4 on my hob (then they wont burn)

You can always chuck in anything else you want, just for added yumminess! (Just remember to add it to the macros)


 I generally add a few grams of peanut butter on top, but also using blueberries taste so delicious, and occasionally some cheeky dark chocolate shavings 😉

Macros as follows: Per 2 pancakes (half the mixture)

268 kcal | 22g P | 30g C | 7g F


Happy scrumminess  🙂
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