Whats next for me ….?

Ohh my first blog…! So I’m sitting here on the plane to Ohio smelling of fake tan and drinking stupid amounts of water…. For those of you who already know me will know this is pretty normal for me, as I am on my way to next next bodybuilding show. But I am also looking forward to giving my body a well needed rest and recovery period afterwards..!

So why have I decided to start blogging..? Well, I have so much passion for living a fit and healthy lifestyle and the people who know me know I do nothing but talk about it. And I don’t know if its the enthusiasm beaming from my face, of just the facts, but people love to hear about it. So I am going to put it through good use and share it with you all. And hopefully I can inspire others to enjoy the health and fitness lifestyle.

There is so much more to me than the hugely self disciplined, non stop competitor I have shared with you the last 3 years. I have my struggles, (And I’ve massively had my fair share of them) I have the times where I just want to sit in my PJs and eat Pizza like every normal person (I Love the Pizza!) And that’s okay because its called Life balance.

So as well as being a massively enthusiastic FitnessGirl, (it’s in my DNA!) I also like enjoying the finer things in life, with the people who mean the most. I live by the quote ‘Life is too short to be anything but happy’ and I have been doing exactly that the last 3 years chasing my dreams. So lets carry on chasing dreams in 2016!

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