MACRO friendly Lemon Protein Cheesecake.

I’ve been meaning to make a protein cheesecake for a while now, and then I always get put off by having to bake it twice….Super lazy I know! A lot of protein cheesecake recipes involve baking the bottom half, and then also baking the top, due to the use of eggs.

So, I decided to go freestyle using a technique I’ve seen to make healthy mousse recipes and see what happened.

I was preeeeeety chuffed with the way it look once I’d finished, but it was when I worked out the macros that I figured I had made some sort of SUPER cheesecake :D!

Per 1/6th of this cake (Because you always need a decent size slab of cheesecake…!)

224kcal   |   4.8g Fat   |   23g Carbs   |   22.4g Protein




150g Oats
50g Almond milk
4 x Egg whites
1 Tbsp Coconut oil
5 x Tsp Stevia (optional)

600g Quark (Fat free)
1 Packet Hartley’s Sugar free Jelly –  Lemon and Lime
2 x Scoop Hydra 6 Vanilla Protein
Squeeze of Lemon juice

For the base: Blitz the oats to make oat flour and  mix all ingredients together well. Press into a lined tin and bake at 180 for 15-20 minutes.

For the topping:
1. Mix the sugar free jelly power in 100ml boiling water, then ad a further 50 ml cold water.
2. Add in the quark and lemon juice and mix well.
3. Add in the protein powder and mix. Don’t worry that the mixture is a little too runny for cheesecake, as once it sets in the fridge it will be fine.
4. Add to the base and leave to set in the fridge for at least 3 hours.


SO EASY! And seriously tastes amazing. The great thing is you can use other jelly flavors to make a different taste cheesecake 😀

The recipe for the base comes from Melissa Jayne’s Chocolate Protein Cheesecake which also looks sooooo good!! If you need a chocolate fix. Will be trying this out very soon!

Give it a go and let me know what you think! Don’t forget to tag @Emmapaveleyfitness and #FitspoNextDoor 




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