Its not a diet!!!

Are you going to be on a diet for the rest of your life???

Wonder why the majority of people who ‘diet’ usually end up putting the weight (or at least some of it) back on within a couple of months once they stop? Why….

BECAUSE diets are a temporary measure.

Yes they have a purpose, usually to reduce body fat. But they are not realistic for a long period of time, for one because there is such a thing in life called happiness, and two you have to have a fucking shed load of willpower to diet for the rest of your life…! Count me out.

Where sooooo many people go wrong is because they fail to understand the long term. 
Yes you can follow a completely healthy weight loss diet successfully, but eventually its going to come to an end.

In fact what you actually need is just to introduce balanced lifestyle changes. Simple swaps in every day to day life which allow you to enjoy tasty healthy food and still have the odd treat all in balance. It needs to be done in a way to SUIT YOU so you can still enjoy your favorite sorts of foods and never have to be on a diet again!
(Unless you do crazy sports like me which require shredz 😀   )

Yes, in my sport I diet for a show, and then after the show I will put back on my necessary body fat. But when being in the off season I still get asked all the time about my diet. How do I stay in greats shape and  have such will power to diet all the time.

Well I will tell you how……..Because ITS NOT A DIET!!!!!!!!!!

Its just how I live my life. Substituting for healthier versions yet still having enough ‘yummy’ balance to make my food 100% to my tastes and always enjoy my meals. Therefore it is not a diet and I am not missing out. Especially when I still enjoy treats all in moderation.

It has to be individual to you, your tastes and include your favourite foods. I LOVE bagels, and I love cheese! Neither of these foods are nutritionally that great but that doesn’t mean I can’t eat them and still stay in shape. All foods are fine in the right portions and moderation.

Remember guys ….Healthy Lifestyle Changes always come out on top.



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