Introduction into my weekly Vlogs | My Week in Sweat

WELCOME to |My Week in Sweat.

A series of weekly vlogs on my preparation for my gymnastics competition in 6 weeks time and my prep for my next batch of Fitness competitions.

Being a Women’s Fitness competitor, I train for both function strength and aesthetics. Its certainly a balancing act to maintain a strong and healthy body, and follow a bodybuilding prep at the same time. 

This year as well, I am challenging myself by going back to my roots of 10 years to compete as a veteran gymnast. I decided to do this as I have taken a decent sized off season from my bodybuilding and its important to still enjoy other hobbies.

SO I am going to be documenting both preps so you guys can share the journey with me 🙂


I get asked a lot of questions about how do I do what I do, and how do I fit it all in?

Well.. The answers will be in my weekly vlogs – So make sure you subscribe to my blog (On the right hand side)

Time to enjoy the ride 🙂





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