How to stay on track in the office.


Resisting temptation is hard enough at the easiest of times. Let alone when you turn up to the office and there is cake in your face…

The first challenge is actually getting your colleagues used to you eating every few hours, and also the fact you’re shovelling food out of multiple tupperwear boxes.

Not only is there a birthday (and cake) every few weeks, it is also tough when you’re attending long meetings and event with lunch included.

Well we all know one thing …

Buffet lunches and birthday cake do not make us lean


So I thought I’d share with you my top tips on how I stay on track in the office 🙂

  • Always prepare your food
    You know the saying, ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ –> Well its true! If you turn up to work thinking ‘Its fine I’ll just go grab a salad’ you are so much more likely to give into cravings and buy something else. Plus generally one salad for the day will not fill you up or give you enough protein. More trips to the shop mean more chances to give into cravings (Especially when you are HANGRY)


  • Make sure you drink enough water
    It’s so easy to get carried away drinking tea and coffee all day in the office which is just not good for hydration (Or caffeine content) Just be mindful that you are drinking enough water and don’t always opt for more coffee. Water also aids digestion of carbs….just saying 😉


  • Mindset: There is always going to be cake
    I used to get so frustrated when I had to miss out on cake (etc) in the office, it would haunt me all day! But the fact is, there is always going to be another opportunity to eat this macro destroying food. And the fact is, when I do I’ll be getting something 10x better 🙂


  • Always have some backup
    I always have some rice cakes and sugar free syrup in my draw. For those days where you really are struggling or super hungry. Its always best to eat more of these sorts of backup foods and go over macros a little than blow out on a chocy bar from the nearby shop.


  • Visual motivation/inspiration
    Put up a picture on your desk, or PC of yourself at your happiest or at your last competition. That’s what you want to beat and everyday you will look at it and it will remind you of your goals. I also have a sticky note on my PC which says ‘Cake does not make you lean’ haha!


  • Dealing with lunch meetings/events.
    Now these are a pain! It can be quite daunting whacking out the tupperwear in front of loads of business colleagues. Just shovel it onto a plate and no-one will even notice… And if they do, I tend to stick by the moto loud and proud. I tell them what I do and how much I love it and in general I’ve found most people are really interested 🙂 Plus then you have just vocally re-motivated yourself not to reach for pudding!


Dieting and contest prep is never easy… BUT it will be worth it!

Just remember…




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  1. Great idea with the rice cakes!
    How do you make your salads more exciting? I’m so bored of endless leaves and plain chicken/tuna.

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