Focus on Health – Not on weight.


Ask yourself one simple question ….. Why does it matter how much I weigh??

And then ask the question…. ‘Am I fit and healthy?’

Which one ACTUALLY matters????

I work out to be fit & healthy, to feel good, and to have a great shape body. I am focussed on how I feel, and how I look. (My shape and my body fat) NOT how much I weigh.

The reality is, the number on the scales doesn’t matter….! Your heart health, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, blood sugar AND your body fat levels are what do.

Yes, if you are classed as overweight (32%+ body fat levels) then you will start ‘loosing weight’ when you begin a fitness regime, because you have excess body fat to loose, compared to muscle gained. Also, the excess body fat is a health issue.

But my post is aimed at regular gym goers, who are de-motivated or upset when they step on the scale each week and the number is the same.
1. Check your body fat levels.

If you’re working your arse off in the gym, to shape up or tone up, it’s very much possible that you have gained a small amount of muscle, and lost a small amount of fat! Are you really trying to lose weight, or are you trying to lose fat? If your body fat levels are the same, then you have to re-asses your plan. Make sure you give it at least 2 weeks chance to see a difference.

3 You are lowering your blood pressure.
4. You reduce your risk of diabetes
5. You are strengthening your bones
6. You are improving your posture, your balance, and your agility.
7. Your body will release endorphins, making you feel great.
8. You are still getting off the couch and being active..! Making for a healthier, fitter you.

Now does the number really matter???

I have weighed 55kg since I was about 16 (9 years ago). In 2014 when I prepped for a bodybuilding show I went down to 50kg. 2015 – I never shifted (To be fair never say never – I hardly get on the scales) But did that mean I wasn’t in as good shape? Did that mean I wasn’t lean enough? No…In fact I was in better shape, and leaner… Screw you scales.
Don’t be de-motivated just because of the scales. Are you seeing change in the mirror? Have your measurements changed, has your body fat gone down? Are you growing that fab bootie you are aiming for? Or building the shape in your legs? If so, your on the right track. Just keep going! xxx

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