FIBO 2016

I have post holiday blues….! Last week I went away for a few days to a massive sports expo in Germany with my sponsors Grenade.

A crazy busy 4 day expo, with hundreds of booths, and thousands of fitness enthusiasts… Being on the stand, talking all day about a lifestyle and industry I have so much passion for. Getting involved in our Grenade challenges, show reeling some wicked fitness moves and party tricks with my team, I literally had the best time!

Now I am home, its only made me realise even more I was in my element.

Yes, I may work with numbers and spreadsheets to pay the bills…..But I live and breathe all things fitness . As Cliché as it sounds this is where I come alive 🙂 This is my lifestyle, my passion and THIS IS ME!

Being part of a team who all share the same passions and work ethos, I feel so proud to be apart of it. Helping motivate and inspire others who are starting out in their health and fitness journey, and being able to talk to people I have never met before face to face, and share our motivation. 

I also did a few party tricks with my fellow team mate James St Ledger – Our show is now going by the name of Cirque’DeGrenade 😀 We like to include some burpee backflips, cheeky handstand work and some impressive overhead lifts where I just look pretty and James actually does the work 😀 Ohh and an off scheduled epic fail which left me in fireman lift with my derrière  face on to the audience …SO FUNNY!

Also one evening I went for a brutal legs session with Melissa Jayne – Videos soon!! I love this lady…! We work hard. We work our arse off, and don’t even care if we grunt, sweat or swear…(Many a time :D) Trust me, drop setting to failure is a VALID excuse.

 So basically…come and see me at BodyPower! (Grenade stand obvs!)  I love to chat to you all and spread the fitness loveeee 

Love, E 

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