*Delts Delts Delts*

Hooray for delts! That’s what I say 🙂 

 This workout mainly uses drop sets, with a heavy first set of 8, and then a set of 12 immediately after with a reduced weight.

*I love drop sets* Mainly because I don’t really like ‘just lifting heavy’. I like to also work on definition and conditioning, so this is a technique I really enjoy. The ‘drop’ set hits the ‘stubborn’ muscle fibers deep down which are not normally hit when just performing 6-12 reps. Result. 

Workout is listed below. And a video! You may want to watch the video to understand my standing lateral raise one, its easier to watch than explain.   Happy boulder building 🙂

Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Warm up set x 15
Heavy x8 –> drop set x12     (3 sets)

Seated Lateral Raises
Heavy x8 –> drop set x12 (Straight arms)     (3 sets)

*Standing Lateral Raises – Different range of movement.
Heavy weight Lower raises – to about 45 degrees x 8
Drop weight middle section – from 45 to 90 degrees x12
Light weight upper section – small movements around 90 degrees x15
(The above is 1 set – do it twice!)

Seated High pulls
Heavy x8 –> drop set x12     (3 sets)

Rear delt machine
Heavy x8 –> drop set x12     (3 sets)

I then went back to a finisher on side delts (Because these are my area I want to put extra work into) But generally I would have stopped after the rears.

Lateral Raises Cable Machine.
Light weight x 10 cable in front, –> x 10 cable behind      (2 sets)


Give it a go and let me know what you think! When sharing on Socials, don’t forget to #FitspoNextDoor 🙂 

Love, E x 

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