Bulking…No thanks


How many women do you know that turn around in what we know as ‘bulking phase’ and say they feel amazing, or feel confident in their body without constantly referring to the fact they are bulking?

In short….Yes you need to eat a decent amount of food to build muscle. But NO we do not need to pile of excess lbs of body fat to do so.

The problem is easily misunderstood in bodybuilding because we spend weeks cutting, where we drop body fat to a lower level than healthy. After the show it is important to regain a healthy level of body fat. FACT. So yes, when we up our kcal and enjoy some good food this will happen.

But what I don’t understand is why so many people follow the theory of eating considerable amounts of food (Whilst lifting heavy) to gain maybe 7lbs of muscle and 5 lbs of body fat. Why not just gain the muscle?!!

Its easily done and it avoids for one getting out of shape, and two it means less suffering when you need to ‘cut’ again.

With the right diet and training program it is completely realistic to build lean muscle and maintain a lower (yet still healthy) body fat range. Obviously you need to eat nutritious food in the right quantities and just follow a slightly higher than maintenance flexible diet and treats are all enjoyed in moderation (Because we are not robots!)

With training, you really don’t need to constantly lift super heavy with rep ranges 4-6. Yes its important to include these to increase strength, but rep ranges 8-12 a more metabolic and will target more hypertrophy (Building muscle size) In my opinion, completely mixing up rep ranges in training is super efficient at building lean muscle. This is why I follow a personalised Y3T program with rep ranges from 8-20 and various sets and set techniques.

Its all about following a healthy lifestyle and feeling happy with your figure on a day to day basis. Noticing those feminine muscle gains without being ashamed of excess body fat hiding them. And seeing our shape develop all in line with our healthy curves.

Be strong…Be confident…Be happy! We owe it to ourselves.

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