BodyPower 2016




WOW! I think I’ve only just about recovered from an immensely crazy, but super awesome weekend.

The problem is after expos I always end up with ‘post-holiday blues’ because I’ve just spent the last three days being in my element, meeting amazing people, playing around with some challenges and tricks, catching up with friends and making new ones!

Firstly, I am super happy that I had the chance to meet so many of my amazing followers! You guys are the ones who show your support for me and in turn you’re following and comments are what show me that my passion is reaching the people I want it to. THANK YOU! All your lovely comments, and it’s especially great to see so many of you loving my calisthenics. I feel very humbled you guys made the effort to come over to the Grenade stand and be able to talk about lifestyle and goals, and share our motivation.

That’s why I love being part of Team Grenade so much because of like-minded people. Everyone takes the time to talk to people at the stand to share advice and motivation. Every single athlete cares much more about overall health and fitness, than just looking good. That’s why we use top quality supplements…and no, this is not a sales pitch.

So on Sunday I did a guest pose on the UKBFF bodybuilding stage and I brought back a re-vamped one off special of my Black Swan fitness routine. This routine is really really special to me, as it’s the routine which made me who I am today. It’s the one where I proved to myself that I had what it takes to be a good international fitness competitor. Fast forward two years and after a further 11 competitions it’s still the one I wanted to perform 🙂 And I frigging LOVED it!!! Somewhat because I’m not dieting and wasn’t dehydrated….. Haha! –>  The fitness girl struggle is extra real…. May I add.

I also spoke to a lot of girls who were thinking about first time competing or changing classes from bikini to bodyfitness/figure, who were unsure if they were ‘big enough’. For the people who have met me… I am relatively small framed, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pack a good amount of muscle and shape. You don’t have to be MASSIVE to do these classes. You do need good muscle definition, shape, proportion and balance. 🙂  Anyway, it was so lovely to get more positive feedback about girls stepping up classes. Although my mission to find more fitness girls I think will be constantly on going!

So the weekend had me coming away feeling on a massive high about what I do and what I love! I’ve also been sorting out my own plans for the year now with much excitement. I will reveal all soon!


Much love,

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